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Master Thean Y Nang is Buddhish disciple and had studied Buddhism since a very young age. He went to Nepal and Tibet alone in 1993 to receive enlightenment on Buddhism from the Great Masters. He became proficient in Buddhism after much hard work and is well-versed with the ways of improving luck and ushering in auspice according to Tibetan Buddhism. e has helped many people with this and has proven track records. His followers come from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Asian countries and even the United States and Europe. Master Thean Y Nang has expert skills in fate, fortune and Feng Shui, with thirty years experience in Feng Shui and fate and fortune anaylysis. He has traveled far and wide studying Feng Shui, including Asian and European countries. Thean Y Nang is the founder of the use of Crystals for improving luck. His best-sellers are Cai Shen Zhao Men, The Book of Wonders, How to Acquire Good Luck with Mi-zong Crystals, The Descent of the Wealth God and Feng Shui for Enriching the Various Industries. He utlized crystals for improving Feng Shui, personal luck and ushering in wealth and these proved efficacious. These have made him famous internationally.

Predictions of world affairs by Thean Y Nang is accurate. World events predicted in this book has come true, with the bombing of the World Trade Centre in 2001 and the earthquake in Sichuan, China. This has made Thean Y Nang world famous.

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Thean Y Nang